Green Tea Hawaii
Owner (with my hubby Chris)!
Waialua, HAWAII
Aloha! I am so blessed to call the North Shore of Oahu my home! I love to play, in Hawaii, and watch others come here and reconnect to their playfulness through being in such an amazing place. I work with kids and they continue to teach and humble me. Appreciating where I have come from, what I have been through, as it has all led me to where I am now & that is Paradise! I'm constantly learning more about how to be patient, kind and loving to myself and others. We own a beverage business here (greenteaHAWAII) & through this, we encourage others to consider healthier ways of living, much as yoga helps others find a healthier way of BEing. I feel SO blessed to live here now 16 years (I grew up in sunny Alberta, Canada) and I am happy to share the aloha with all those who want to play! Have a super Wanderlust experience and be sure to not miss the magic of this place!