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Samantha Grout

Yoga Fun Day
CEO & Founder
Miami, FL
Sam is the Founder and visionary leader behind Yoga Fun Day. Sam has many years of experience teaching yoga classes in California, Vermont, Florida, Washington State and Massachusetts. She has owned her own Inn, Spa and Yoga Studio and was featured in Yoga Journal for her all inclusive pamper me Women's Retreats including yoga and hiking, snowshoeing and yoga, kayaking and yoga and more. She was Spa Director at the famous Hotel Del Coronado and has now moved into technology where she is a Agile Project Manager building software. Her mission is to fight the obesity and diabetes epidemic in America. To bring yoga, movement and healthy living to all, help people get off the computers and unplug and unwind. It is critical that people discover the joy of movement, dance, breathe and connect with nature in a safe environment. She moved to Delray Beach, FL from San Francisco, CA and is originally from the State of Vermont and a graduate of the University of Vermont School of Natural Resources with a Bachelor of Science and MBA.

Please join us at one of our epic crowd pleasing, family friendly yoga festivals connecting the community and promoting mindful living.

Yoga Fun Day

SAM INTERNATIONAL, INC is a producer of lifestyle festival events focusing on yoga, music and wellness. The company sponsors one day events called Yoga Fun Day for the mind, body and soul across US cities with the focus to get off the green screen, unplug and unwind, and discover the joy of yoga. We create events centered around our core mission: fighting the obesity and diabetes epidemic by creating strong and healthy communities via mindful living where people can get outside and discover the joy of movement and yoga in a safe environment. We donate a portion of our proceeds to our exclusive non-profit, Wine to Water as their mission is to bring clean and healthy water to everyone in the world.